“Commingling electronics, kinetics, sound, insects, worms, plants and pixels to create art about the relationship between technology and our changing concepts of nature and self.”1

Farm Fountain, 2008
“This project is an experiment in local, sustainable agriculture and recycling.”

Created with Ken Renaldo, Farm Fountain imagines an alternative to contemporary agricultural practices. Tilapia fish swim in the installation’s aquarium base. The fish’s waste feeds plants that hang from the top of the installation. The project also addresses human needs: “The work produces an indoor healthy environment that also provides oxygen and light to the humans working and moving through the space.”1

Museum for Insects
“An insect-sized museum that features artwork specifically created for house crickets. Inside, crickets can interact with hands-on/legs-on exhibits, enjoy food and drink from the cafĂ© and experience live humans, both through a picture window and through a videophone chat that connects the Museum for Insects to the humans visiting the Peabody Essex Museum.”3

See Young’s website.

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3 Museum for Insects

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