Annea Lockwood captures the music of our planet. She creates compositions that weave together the sounds of humans, animals, plants, and a variety of inanimate but dynamic objects including water, glass, magna, and tectonic plates.

Wild Energy, 2014
Working with Bob Bielecki, Lockwood makes audible the vibrations that emanate from the sun, earth, plants, and animals. Lockwood’s soundscape combines the rhythms of the sun’s pressures waves, fissures in the earth’s crust, shifts in tectonic plates, the electromagnetic field, whale songs, bat echolocation, and the capillary action of trees. The artists state: “It is our sense that through these sounds one can feel the energies generated, not as concepts but as energy-fields moving through one’s body.” 1

The sounds enliven an outdoor installation set in a forest clearing furnished with hammocks that encourage relaxed and attentive listening.

A Sound Map of the Danube, 2005
Lookwood traces the Danube river’s journey from the Black Forest to the Black Sea and captures of the sound of the river’s rushing water along with the sounds of boats, animals, and people who live by and on the river.

See Lockwood's website.

1 Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts, The Garden of Sonic Delights: Wild Energy.

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