Dowson creates portraits of the brain and vascular system using laser-etched glass.

Memory of Brain Malformation, 2006
Dowson recreates a blood-flow x-ray of her cousin’s brain. The x-ray reveals a tumor that is later removed.1

Memory of Brain Malformation, Katharine Dowson

My Brain and My 3D Heart, 2013
Dowson references MRI scans of her brain and heart to create 3D printed versions of those organs. She then casts the organs in glass.

My Brain, My 3D Heart, Katharine Dowson

See Downson’s website.

1 Arthur I. Miller, Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-Edge Science is Redefining Contemporary Art (New York: W. W. Norton and Company, 2014), 192.


Aldworth layers hand-drawn images onto the documents of medical science. Her work humanizes the dehumanized images of pathology; she reveals the subject in our maps of anatomy.

Cogito Ergo Sum 3, 2006
Aldworth combines fMRI scans of her brain with expressive imagery.

Cogito Ergo Sum 3, Susan Aldworth

See Aldworth’s website.


Impermanence, 2012
Oh creates altered photographs by adding microbes to the water used to develop his film. The microbes “consume light-sensitive chemicals over the course of months or years” and alter the photographic images.

See Oh’s website.